Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Amy's Blog - an extension of my old website

When I moved in with my hubby, I made a pretty cool website. Over the years, I worked really hard on it, collected a TON of great sites/resources... but it grew waaaay too big. I kept needing to create "subtopic under subtopic" to make it managable to get around. So now my old site is humongous...most sections are still pretty excellent, but there are broken or otherwise outdated links, old info., etc. So I've decided to leave my old site up, but not update it anymore. This blog is my "new web page" - I'm going to use it to post about things that would have gone on one of the topic pages of my old site, and indicate which page I WOULD have posted on my old site.

If you go to my old site , you'll see the 9 pages (other than the "front") listed to the left. They are dedicated to music, politics, education, spirituality, entertainment (other than music or politics ;-)), Family & Friends, personal stuff OTHER than family & friends, poetry, and vile creeps (i.e. people, organizations, or events that tork me off).

Now ALL of my own poetry is on my poetry blog, and that's where you'll also find posts about new poetry sites I find. Everything *else* I would have previously added to my old site I will post here, probably with a label 'music link' or 'spirituality link', etc. to organize it loosely like I did the old site. When I post about vile creeps I'll probably just tag it with "Rant Ahead!" ;-)

If you have any thoughts on this new idea about how to use this blog (like "cool, Amy!" OR "umm, it sounds kinda stupid Ame") feel free to post a comment! I'd really appreciate your ideas about how best to use this blog so it is interesting and/or useful to someone besides me. ;-)


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