Tuesday, July 12, 2005

David Tucker - our wedding photographer! (Personal/weddding, Entertainment/Artsy links)

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography - Tucker Photography

July 11th was our seventh wedding anniversary. In addition to looking at our amazing photographs, I also checked out our video that my MIL's friend MaryAnn took. In it, you can see David Tucker at work. What an amazing artist and man. David captures so much more than "shots" at a wedding. He is concerned about so much more than "poses". David Tucker, somehow, manages to capture the Spirit, the Soul, and the emotions of people and moments in your special day.

We were so blessed to have David photograph our wedding. I noticed looking at his previous work that he captures emotions and moments, much more than any photographer I'd ever seen. But what I didn't realize was what a delightful addition his very presence would be to our day. David is a total romantic, in addition to being an amazing talent. And he uses this attribute to the FULLEST! In our video, we are reminded of how at ease he put us during staged shots. And how sweet he was to the children at our wedding. And just how totally excited he was for us. If it was possible, Davi'd enthusiasm got us MORE excited than we already were. :-)

During the wedding (from the video), you can see David ever-so-softly (but quickly! :-) creeping up behind a column or atop a bench to capture a special moment. After the ceremony, David even JUMPED up on TOP of an SUV to get a picture of us with all of our guests in front of the church! LOL! It was incredible - and so is the picture. I can't tell you how many people and specific moments I asked him ahead of time to try to capture. My husband was worried I was asking him to do more than any human possible could....but he was wrong! ;-)

I hope someone might come across this when googling wedding photographers or David's name, because I would wish for every couple that they could have David photograph their wedding!

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