Thursday, June 30, 2005

June 29th James Taylor Concert!

Last night Kevin and I went to see James Taylor at the Tweeter Center. It was amazing! I'll update this post with a review as soon as I have time. :-) Meanwhile, on is official site (being updated), on the front page you can read some great reviews.

Update: Well, after starting the summer off with this awesome concert, we went on the road to visit friends and family. We're back now, and I'm still reveling in what a great show it was. Now, James Taylor shows are *always* incredible...the man can't DO a bad show. But I think this show was the best I've seen since my first JT sighting at The Newport Folk Festival back in 1997.

The concert began when J.T. walked on stage, quietly and without any fanfare (you know, no "Ladies annnnnnd Gentlemen! Jaaaaames TAYLOR!". None of that. He just walked out and smiled, everybody freaked, and he sat down to play. I love his subtle and modest personality. He is a class act. I won't do a song-by-song rundown, I didn't keep track. Here are the highlights I remember (in no particular order):

-The backdrops. I know, who cares? But I thought I'd start with something simple that I noticed right away, and throughout the concert. The backdrops were beautiful. And there was a different one for each song, and each was perfectly chosen for that song. The one that I remember best is the Russian nestling dolls for the song "Line 'em Up" about Richard Nixon. This choice made sure that this song about a former president's experience as a human being, didn't become unintentionally more political than it already was by a backdrop. (Also the Russian dolls reminded me of our friend Adam because he spent a year in Russia and has such dolls in his dining room. ;-)

- He had a new back up singer, Andrea.

- He skipped some songs I really wanted to hear, like You've got a Friend and Shower the People (hello?! Arnold McCuller and his kick-ass solo on the bridge?! Damn, I just could die every time he does that! Talk about a voice!). But then again, I think one of the reasons this show was so much better than any other I'd seen is that we heard new James Taylor stuff, stuff so old you didn't know it unless you're a fanatic like my husband, and he did some *really* great covers of great tunes.

**Some cover highlights: The Dixie Chicks "You Gotta Dance". I remember when they did a Crossroads cool. I would have chosen another Dixie Chicks tune, but still, it was neat to hear him do one of their songs.

- His "new" treatment of some songs. I love when artists take one of their songs, and make it "brand new". I especially loved this from James Taylor at this concert. I have never been a big "Steam Roller" fan. But tonight, in addition to skipping the jumping up and down a THOUSAND times (on hundred would suffice? ;-)...he sang it much more sultry. I loved it!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Live 8 Concert (Political/Spiritual/Music)

We won't actually BE at any of these, but I'm quite excited. As a child of the Live Aid generation, this really excites me...people actually DOING something to make a real change in the lives of the most needy of people in the world. And you can't help but count your blessings, and want to help, when you realize what these people are dealing with, our fellow world citizens.

Current Stitching: Cozy Cove by Charles Wysocki (the Lion is done! :-)
Current Reading: The Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott (my FAVORITE author!)
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Summertime Summertime Sum-Sum Summertime! (Personal)

Yay! Summertime! I'll be looking for an elementary special or middle school special ed. teaching assistant job, but other than that, I get to read, write poetry, stitch, and of course, work on my blogs! :-)

And those who know me know, I have a very exciting summer "project". :-) But mostly I am looking foward to the time to just BE. Hubby has the summer off too, so it will be wonderful to have all the time in the world to share.

Heh, heh. Wonder if anybody even reads this. ;-) But watch my poetry blog, I hope to add to it a fair ammt. this summer. Time will tell.


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