Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri's gone (Personal opinion/Spiritual/Political)

Terri Schindler Schiavo died this morning. I am so sad tht we live in a country where you can starve and dyhydrate someone to death because they have a severe disability.

Update (6/27/05): It has come to light that "reports" claim Terri's brain was far more compromised that originally thought by her biological family or activists. That said, the info. we get from the media doesn't always tell us all sides and viewpoints. We will probably never know the full picture of Terri's consciencousness or lack thereof. If you have become interested in working to protect the medical treatment rights of severely disabled people to live, please visit which is being redesigned to serve individuals and their families.

A note before visiting these sites: The whole Terri situation was tragic on countless levels. There were "liberals" and "conservatives" on both sides...and each often found themselves in "strange company", fighting for the same end, but perhaps is some cases for VERY different reasons. Some of these sites are "Liberal/Progressive", and some are "Conservative", what some might call "right wing". I don't want to characterize each site, that is for you to decide. Just wanted to let you know what you migt be getting at each of these sites.

a memorial page for Terri
Review of a book at NY Books
Joni E. Tada on Terri's plight
Murder by Starvation? What would Jesus say?
a video of Terri

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