Wednesday, January 26, 2005

New Family Member!

My SIL had a baby over the weekend! Her name is Nora, and she is adorable! We've only seen pics, but can't wait to MEET her!

This week, we had a snow day Monday. Tuesday hubby got to stay home, but I had school. Today (Wed.) we both went in in the snow - yuck. Tonight it is supposed to snow but stop at midnight, so we'll prob. have school. Good, because my poetry club meets on Thursdays, and last week we had the biggest turnout EVER! :-) But I HATE snow.

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Joy said...

Sometimes, I HATE snow too. But it is beautiful when it falls. ^__^

Amy said...

Indeed, Joy! Thank you! :-) Leave it to one of my former poetry club poets to remind me of this. ;-)